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A little bit about the Spark Gallery

The main thrust of the Orchards Project / Spark Gallery / Art Complex is to create a self-sustaining composite of income producing entrepreneur based projects( EBP) that are self-reliant.
These EBP’s will form public/private partnerships (PPP) to drive skills-trained employment in the small business community. Training in basic business practice is necessary to empower people to be able to quote competitively and market their newly acquired skills.In light of the planned expansion of the premises to accommodate a more comprehensive and user friendly facility our present funding from LOTTO allows us to invest in a capital development applicable to the present needs.

Meet the Team

Roger Chadwick

Managing Director

Verrelli Triegaardt

Art & Culture Project Director

Noel Hutton

Project Coordinator Director

Strike Rambani

Skills Training/Facility Manager
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